What is the Difference Between The Rock and John Cena?

Most wrestling fans are probably wondering why I would ask such a question comparing The Rock, one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time to John Cena, who most internet wrestling fans would consider the Jar Jar Binks of professional wrestling, but when you look at the facts there is only one difference between these two iconic superstars; reaction.

This past Monday John Cena opened up Monday Night Raw by making juvenile wiener jokes and almost burying Dolph Ziggler, AJ, and even Big E Langston. This is what the IWC hates about John Cena, his corny sense of humor and how he “buries” rising talent before they get the chance to be big. Unfortunately Cena isn’t the only wrestler who has done this in his career.

If you go back to the Attitude Era The Rock made an entire career on making cheesy jokes and burying up and coming talent. Perhaps one of the biggest examples of The Rock doing this is when he completely berated Billy Gunn after he won the King Of The Ring tournament which, arguably, crushed a lot of Billy Gunn’s momentum as a character.

An even bigger example of The Rock doing exactly what the IWC hates about John Cena was when he buried a majority of the guys in the Invasion angle. Sting cites this burying of the invasion wrestlers, most notably when the Rock looked at WCW champion Booker T and said “Who in the blue hell are you?” as the main he reason he never joined the WWE.

Now this isn’t a post taking a shot at The Rock and saying he has done horrible things for the business because he has, and continues to do, wonderful things for the business. This post is arguing that The Rock and John Cena have the same exact gimmick and one gets vilified for it while the other is idolized.

Whether it’s Cena making a wiener joke to open raw or The Rock calling someone a cookie puss to end the show, The Rock and John Cena virtually have the same gimmick. They tell cheesy jokes to amuse the fans and then they go over often. Both guys are certified legends in this business but unfortunately it is going to take a long period of time for people to recognize John Cena in the same light they recognize The Rock.


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